Q. How do I apply to pitch?

A. Great question! All of our applicants must apply to pitch through our Gust application process. Gust is our deal flow management platform, so the best way to start your application process is by following this link!


Q. What does the pitch process look like?

A. Once we receive an application via Gust, we do an initial vetting process to ensure a company is within our general scope of investment. Once that is complete, we put the founders in touch with one of our Venture Fellows (MBA students pursuing careers in the startup space who help us with deal flow, among other things) for an initial pitch meeting via video conference. These meetings are recorded so that our core team can review and deliberate on whether a company is at a stage where we can bring them forward to our investors. If they are ready, we reach out to them about joining one of our monthly group pitch meetings with our investors. If not, we offer feedback and occasionally some mentorship for founders to provide some extra support and knowledge capital. 


Q. I really care about protecting my idea, will you sign an NDA before I pitch?

A. Unfortunately, we don't sign NDA's. No exceptions. If you're interested in learning more about why there is a great article that explains our stance. Check it out here.


Q. What is a Venture Fellow?

A. Venture Fellows are current or recently graduated MBA students who are pursuing careers some facet of the startup space. We provide a space for aspiring entrepreneurs, future tech lawyers, and the VCs of tomorrow to learn about their industry with hands-on experience. Venture Fellows help manage deal flow, vet companies and lead due diligence under the direction of our partners and a team of mentors. To learn about the program, check out our Venture Fellows page 


Q. Where are you located?

A. Our lead partners are based out of the Washington D.C. area and are active in the Washington D.C. startup community. That said, most of our team is spread out across the country, and we typically work as a virtual team. We also have a few investors and partners who are not local to the DC Metro area.  For that reason, all of our pitch meetings, from initial screening meetings to investor meetings, are done via video conference. It allows us to be flexible and cuts down on travel costs for founders seeking pitch opportunities. 


Still, have questions? We love to have conversations, so send us an email, and our Community Coordinator will help you out.  


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