Show Me the Money: 4 Reasons We Need More Black Female Investors

Black women generate a significant impact on American society. While black women may not always receive adequate credit for their contributions, their influence is undeniable. 

If you’re looking for ways to expand your horizons past corporate life, you may want to consider becoming an angel investor. Investing in inspired ideas can mean helping to recognize the work of other talented women of color. 

Read on to learn more about why black female investors are so crucial to the startup ecosystem and why investing might be a good choice for you.

1. Recognizing the Contributions of Black Women

Black women are an under-represented community. While their contributions may be significant, the recognition they receive for their work is often non-existent. If you’re an investor and a woman of color, you have a unique set of attributes that can help you make better business decisions AND create your legacy.

2. You Have a Lot to Share

The experiences you encountered on your journey are likely to hold insight for other women in business. Sharing your knowledge, expertise, and insight can help you help others.

Women of color often experience more challenges than other demographics when entering the marketplace. Sharing your strength can help the business owners of tomorrow make their impression on the ecosystem.

Women, especially women of color, have long been denied access to the same opportunities as men. With the rise of women in business, it’s important that we turn back to offer a hand to the young women following in our footsteps

3. Building Your Legacy

By providing opportunities for your fellow (wo)man, you aren’t just making returns. You’re creating a legacy.

Success is building a community and pushing progress forward. A community leader with a successful track record in business is an asset to her community and her gender.

4. You’re Better Equipped

Need another reason why America needs more women of color investors? They’re better at it.

A recent study by Fidelity Investments showed a startling statistic. Women proved to be better equipped and more successful at turning a profit on investments than their male counterparts.

Women tend to play the market better and know when to get out. Because women often opt for less risky investments, they’re more likely to have more to show for it in the end. This idea holds even though only 9% believed that they would be better at investing than men.

Black Female Investors: Ready for the Forbes List

Investing in companies or startups that you believe could be the next big thing is your best shot at helping the most people possible. The returns you see from your investments can be used to further your ambitions and those of others.

Want to learn more about how you can get in touch with other female business leaders? Visit our website for more.

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