Our thesis is simple:

Overachieving companies led by Women, Black, or Brown founders typically have lower valuations at launch; however, when they inevitably over perform they produce bigger returns.

The Score 3 Angel Network membership includes “Everyday Angel Investors,” seasoned, high net-worth angel investors, managers of seed funds, and professionals from later stage venture funds.


“Everyday Angel Investors”

What do we mean by Everyday Angel Investors?  Not every person needs to be a millionaire to invest responsibly in high-growth technology ventures.  To be considered an Accredited Investor one simply needs to have an income over $200,000 a year, OR $300,000 a year if you’re married.  To be sure, that’s still a lot of money!  But, in most major cities a married couple, perhaps two engineers, can easily meet this threshold.

Even though a family is making $300K a year they still cannot, AND SHOULD NOT, invest $10,000 (the minimum for most angel groups) in a portfolio of 30 to 40 companies over 5 years for a total investment of $300,000 to $400,000.  This is absolutely not recommended unless you have liquid assets of over $6,000,000, in which, the $300,000 would represent a reasonable 5% of total assets.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to safely invest in the companies building our future.  A safer, but not risk free, scenario would be to invest $1,000 over 30 to 40 companies over 5 years.  This represents a total investment of $30,000 to $40,000 spread over several years.  One way to think about it - if you can afford a Toyota Prius you can afford to be an angel investor.

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What if I’m not an Accredited Investor?

Stay tuned!  The Score 3 Angel Network is developing partnerships with the nation’s most reputable equity crowdfunding platforms to offer our non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest alongside our Everyday Angels, high net-worth angels and professional venture investors!

We expect to have more details by mid Summer 2017.


Our Vibe

The Score 3 Angel Network aims to be an approachable group in every aspect.  We aren’t a stuffy group of lawyers in a mahogany stained country club private room.  Our membership reflects the wide diversity that we look for in the entrepreneurs that we fund.  Simply put – Everyone is welcome to join us!

We’re software engineers, educators, government employees, project managers, and yes, we have our share of down to earth lawyers and doctors.


We Provide the “Training Wheels”

We know that angel investing is new to many people; so we’ll have plenty of training sessions, in-person forums, and a curated list of online resources.

Our priority is to make sure it is a safe place for new investors to learn about this new asset class and have a good understanding of the risks and rewards that come with it. We understand early stage investments are risky and we want to avoid buyer's remorse. We also have an angel investor pairing program, where we pair more experienced investors with our newest members to help guide them along their journey. This raises the efficacy of the entire group; plus, you’ll get to make new friends!


We’re Active Angels

We also highly encourage members of the network to help support our portfolio companies by lending your knowledge and social capital as well.  Our network has a wealth of connections and resources that would be transformational to the companies we back.  Whether it’s simply providing feedback on their product, or introducing them to potential customers; every bit makes a HUGE difference.  We’ll do this in a coordinated manner so that you won’t get overwhelmed by ambitious entrepreneurs. LOL!

The power of our collective networks is one of the keys to generating increased returns on our investments.


Investment Commitment Level

Members of the Score 3 Angel Network are not required to invest in any company at any time.  Each member will make his, or her, own investment decisions.  The administrators of the group will simply facilitate the individual investments.

If you never make an investment that’s fine with us.  Having you in the network alone adds tremendous value.


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Upcoming Events

Each month we invite two promising startups to pitch for real funding in our monthly Group Pitch Meetings. Interested in joining us? Then check our Calendar of Events to find out when our next pitch is happening!

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