We seek entrepreneurs from all walks of life, with varied experiences and perspectives.  We are industry agnostic and our network of angels, partners, and industry experts offer our entrepreneurs a network of support from early stage to exit.




The Fair Shot Doctrine:

Not every talented team has the same level of access to a social network that includes angel investors.  If you have a talented team and can prove that you have talent, then we are committed to ensuring that every team that applies has a fair shot to run their pitch. Period! “Cold” application submissions will get the same treatment as those referred to us from within the angel network.


What we offer:


Social Capital

Access to a network of individuals and organizations that can make transformational introductions to customers, investors, and partners.

Knowledge Capital

Access to practical and hands-on subject matter experts with a wealth of industry experience.


If your startup has founders that are women, black or brown and you have a product with some traction we want to talk to you! 


The investment Process:

  1. Application: Simple! Make sure your deck and executive summary are ready (see our helpful hints on pitch decks below). Then, submit an application through our deal flow platform called Gust.  (A link to a 5 min or less pitch video would help as well - no need for fancy production).

  2. Initial Screening:  A Venture Fellow from our team will connect with you for a pitch meeting via video conference (approx. 30 mins).

  3. Feedback: After your meeting, the team will review your pitch and assemble some feedback for you and your team. Please note that this will be basic feedback on the pitch, your deck, and company as a whole. We will not be able to provide in-depth mentoring and assistance.

  4. Connections: We have two ways of increasing your social capital through our network. The first is through a direct connection. If we have someone in our network who would be interested in working with you, we will reach out to them and make introductions. The other is through our Social Capital Spotlight newsletter. Each month, we send out a mailing that includes several companies and their needs. We send this out to our Social Capital Partners who review and can respond if they would like an introduction.

  5. Score 3 Angels Partners Meeting: Select teams who we think are funding-ready will be invited to our Partner Meetings where your team will have the opportunity to pitch and field Q&A from members of several Angel groups, including Score 3 Angels.

  6. Championing: For companies who are ready for funding, our Venture Fellows will become your champions to get you into the pipelines of investors (Angels and VCs) that are ready to fund talented companies like yours!

You do not need a warm introduction to apply with Score 3 Angels. Just click the Apply Now button below!  We will respond to every submission. If you have any questions, just send us an email at pitch@score3.org. We look forward to hearing from you!



Your Pitch Deck: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Check out the below helpful hints to make your pitches go as smooth as possible! Maybe you have created the next “can’t live without it” app or product; but, if your deck is not up to par, you will be fighting an unnecessary uphill battle. The following items are what we look for in a pitch deck:

  1. What problem are you trying to solve?

  2. What is your solution to the problem? And, why is it better than all of the other solutions out there?

  3. Business model: how does your business work?

  4. What is your customer acquisition cost (CAC)?

  5. What is your market share? How did you calculate that?

  6. Financials: financial statements are really important to investors!

  7. Revenue to date, if any: have you made any money on your product or service?

  8. Capital raised to date if any: have you raised any money from other investors?

  9. Who is on your team? Who are your advisors?

  10. Stage: development, prototype, market ready? Do you have a minimal viable product (MVP)?

  11. Do you have any traction?

  12. Any partnerships? If so, what are the status of those partnerships (i.e., signed contract, etc.)?

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