Our Strategy, Why We Exist, and What's in it for Everyone


“Crowdfunding is the new black.” -  Rowena Wiseman


There are almost as many crowdfunding sites online as there are cat videos. It’s understandable -- crowdfunding has democratized and uncomplicated investing. It makes dreams come to fruition for deserving entrepreneurs and allows investors to be the accelerant that propels the startup companies of their choosing forward.

Republic.co is part of a family of crowdfunding platforms working together. Their mighty conglomerate has evolved into "one of the most trusted online startup ecosystems in the world."

Score 3 Angels is a proud partner of the syndicate programs at Republic.co.

  • Our passion is supporting diversity.
  • Our focus is increasing access to capital for women, as well as brown and black startup founders who traditionally face entrepreneurial exclusion.
  • Our goal is to bridge the gap and make a dominant social impact.

What’s in it for the Investors

Score 3 Angels uncovers socially conscious, unique, lucrative opportunities that deliver solid returns for early-stage investors. Also, we’ve streamlined the investment process, making it easier for novice investors who may be less experienced within the tech ecosystem.

Equity crowdfunding is the ideal building block for new investors. Along with the simplicity it offers, it helps acclimate those dipping their toe in intimidating investment waters for their first time.

Razif Abdul Aziz explains this equity crowdfunding benefit in an article for The Star, "Beyond just convenience, it also helps towards building confidence. The angel investors get familiar with the investing process which prepares them for the time when they are able to ‘go solo’ in a more conventional angel investing scene."

Also, our strategy at Score 3 Angels enables angel investors to diversify their portfolio. This is critical to mitigating risk. We open up the early-stage investment market to a wider audience of 'latent' angel investors, through our carefully selected partnerships of equity crowdfunding platforms.

What’s in it for Entrepreneurs

The obvious benefit is financial support. For ambitious entrepreneurs, Score 3 Angels doesn’t just help them acquire seed money, we cultivate talent and nurture game-changing ideas through a full spectrum system. The relationships that form between investors and startups offer much deeper advantages for the entrepreneur.

Investors don’t become successful by accident. They get that way through the knowledge they acquired from their own hard work and lessons learned. Yes, their financial support is necessary but it’s the mentorship investors provide that brings the most value. Their fresh, experienced eyes, honest feedback, and insightful advice is priceless.

Additionally, investors have their finger on the pulse of the industry. They can liaise entrepreneurs with key players and resources. These strategic introductions generate stability and perpetuate opportunities for long-term success.

Finally, investors can proactively champion diversity where immediate rebalancing is needed. Jessica Stillman writes in an article on Inc., "We all know that a lack of diversity, particularly at tech startups, is a waste of talent and a surefire way to miss out on unique perspectives and good ideas."

Equity crowdfunding is evolving and gaining traction with both investors and entrepreneurs alike. The benefits are abundantly clear for everyone. Score 3 Angels does more than just connect tenacious entrepreneurs with interested investors; they give startups the tools and resources they need to win, both on and off the balance sheet.



Written by Diana Jordan https://dianajordan.ca 

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