Must-Have Advice from Today's Most Successful Latina Entrepreneurs



Today, more than 1.4 million latinas own a small business in the US. That's nearly a 90% growth in the past decade.

But, despite these figures growing every year, how do these fiery women get their foot through the door to entrepreneurship?

Read this article to get some must-have advice from today's most successful Latina entrepreneurs.

Don't Shy Away From You Heritage

Sofia Boyer, CEO, and founder of Magnolia Creative Studio tells Latina women they should be proud of their roots.

Aside from the fact that being Latina makes her bilingual, it also inspires others with similar backgrounds. Many see Latina women as strong-minded, passionate, and family-orientated. Sticking to your roots sets an example for other passionate women wanting to start their business ventures.

But, it's not just about being Latina. It's also about being a woman. Some of the best reasons you should market yourself as a female-owned business include:

  • Inspiring others
  • Setting yourself apart from the crowd
  • Qualifying for unique business opportunities

Every year, there are various events for female entrepreneurs. These allow them to showcase achievements and receive awards. Marketing yourself as a female-owned business will put you on the radar for these awards.

Stick to Your Office Hours

Sofia also says that you should set expectations with your clients. It's important that you turn off your work devices at the end of each day. If you don't, you may find yourself answering business emails and calls at all hours of the night.

By sticking to your office hours from the get-go, clients and customers won't expect you to be at their beck and call.

Treat Your Venture Like a Job

Angela Dominguez, a children's book author and illustrator believes in treating your new venture like a job.

It's easy to become absorbed in the creative side of an entrepreneurial idea. But, you must continue to study, learn, and research your market to make it a profitable business.

Be Open to Feedback

Angela also reminds us to be open to feedback. It doesn't matter whether you receive positive or negative comments, both are valuable.

While you must keep your business mind active, there is also always space for creative play. Keep doing new work and developing new ideas to understand your target audience better.

Take Time to Unplug

Mercedez Sanchez, the founder of, believes that all Latina businesswomen need to take time to unwind.

While your new business venture may also be a passion, it shouldn't consume you. You must find time away from your business. Time off will help you stay grounded. It will also allow you to maintain relationships away from your work.

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