Choosing Smart Business Partners: 5 Top Qualities of an Entrepreneur


When it's time to bring a business partner onboard to expand your entrepreneurial venture, tough decisions are inevitable.

Adding another person into the mix changes the dynamic of your business no matter who your partner is.

If your partner is innovative, capable, and right for your business, your venture will rapidly expand, requiring you to trust in the new individual.

On the other hand, the wrong partner can bring your dreams down in a matter of months. For this reason, identifying the desirable qualities of an entrepreneur prior to choosing a partner is crucial. Here are the top 5 qualities you should seek in a future partner.

1. Motivation

What makes you want to get up and persevere each day?

What keeps you invested in your business? The short answer is motivation. The drive to succeed, the passion to pursue a dream, and the thrill of being a trailblazer is what makes you stand out as an entrepreneur.

This is why you deserve to partner up with someone who has a great deal of drive as well. Motivation is the very fabric of every startup. You need it to push on through the tough, meager days of your business, and you need a partner who demonstrates the kind of dedication that can only stem from pure passion for your cause.

2. Creativity

The best entrepreneurs think outside the box. When it comes to advertising, product ideation, and business strategy, creative minds rule the roost.

When seeking out the perfect business partner, be sure that her creativity matches or exceeds your own.

Though in time you'll have the funds to hire marketing consultants and strategists galore, your most important business ideas should come straight from your own dynamic duo.

3. One of the Most Important Qualities Of An Entrepreneur: Calculated Risk-Taking

The most crucial quality of an entrepreneur is often hidden in plain sight: Calculated risk-taking.

Your ideal business partner is a bit of a gambler. she takes risks, but only when there's a chance that it will pay off. An intelligent risk-taker will help you select the right investors and focus on the products that pay off the most.

Without taking calculated risks, your business has a limited chance to leap forward and prosper. You have less of a chance to stay ahead of your competition and remain relevant in your industry.

If you don't see yourself as a risk-taker, taking on a partner who gambles wisely is even more important. You can ground one another to create the type of balance that spells success for your business.

4. Attention To Diversity

Every good business partner has an open mind. This accepting approach should extend not only to products and strategies but also to people.

Recognizing that diversity belongs in the workplace, especially in an entrepreneurial setting, is a unique advantage that pays off for both your community and your business.

For instance, if your business partner is motivated to crack the glass ceiling for women who happen to be black or biracial, that sets your brand up for a positive impact. Conscious consumers turn into loyal customers, and the propensity to be diverse opens up your company to a limitless range of talent and skills.

5. Intelligent Leadership

Various forms of intelligence are required in the makeup of the ideal entrepreneur. Whether emotional intelligence, classic creativity, or book smarts, each form of intellect has merit in a good business partner.

When looking for a startup partner, though, concentrate on intelligent leadership. Your partner should be a smart go-getter who isn't afraid to delegate.

Intelligent leadership isn't about being able to conquer everything alone. It's about being able to tap into the strengths of others in order to make a harmonious and productive team.

In choosing your new business partner, make an effort to exercise your own intelligent leadership skills. This way, you are likely to find someone who will display strengths that complement your weakness and vice versa.

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