Ask me Anything featuring Tara Chantal SIlver

If you missed our AMA with SilverStrategy’s Tara Chantal Silver, you missed out! Tara had some great thoughts to share with our audience, and you can check out what happened at the event here!

Question #1:

Q) What are some practical strategies for finding a tech cofounder?

A) Great question, look at it as marketing yourself and your idea, finding the right person to give their blood sweat and tears as you do is a challenge but one that can make all the difference.

Make sure to draft a description even if just for yourself for the ideal partner, so you know what you’re looking for, what skillsets do they have that compliment you, what value can they add, where do you need the most assistance. I.e. If you’re not a people person, or the ideal salesperson for the company bring someone on who is very comfortable with that, or a numbers person if you’re not, etc. Remember that you also need to market yourself to let that person know how they will benefit from taking this on, so figure out what you have to give as a baseline, i.e., value-add, concept, potential, salary, equity, etc.
Make sure to tell people about what you’re doing and looking for, word of mouth goes a long, long way!
Get out there and network, go to events, meetups and be strategic about what type of events will attract the type of person you are looking for (since you have a draft description.

Talk to advisors, mentors, and peers about it-There are also a few great online resources that act as matchmakers. Check out: StartupWeekend, StartupAgents, and CoFoundersLab


Q) When posting a project or proposal on a site like AngelList, what is the best way to ensure ownership of your ideas?
A) It’s a good question, one I get a lot in my mentor sessions. This is obviously a double-sided coin, if you don’t get out there and promote yourself and the concept, how can you raise awareness, build a network of support, get funding, create partnerships, etc. It’s more likely that you will gain from sharing then not. I know folks who were so secretive for so long they had trouble connecting to the resources they needed to get to the next level. That being said, it’s about balance, and what type of industry you are in, competition, etc., many factors go into deciding what and how much to share. Much depends on the number of resources you already have at your disposal. But if you’re looking for a co-founder chances are you may not have what you need and so getting out there could help more then it hurts. Think strategically. Be smart. Consider what’s best for you and your startup and ask someone you trust with experience. Each situation varies. You can share without giving away the secret sauce. If you’re still concerned, and your concept falls under intellectual property you could, depending on the idea, consider a trademark, patent, or copyright. Hope that helps!

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