Ask Me Anything featuring Janice Omadeke

If you missed our Ask Me Anything with Janice Omadeke then you missed out! Not to worry, you can catch up on some of her thoughts  here on our blog. Make sure to tune in with us on August 18th for our next Ask Me Anything with Erin Horne McKinney


Question 1:

Q) Hi Janice, thank you for joining us today, what are some practical strategies for finding a tech cofounder?

A) Thanks for having me! Great question. To be honest, The Mentor Method is currently seeking a CTO/Technical Co-founder, so I have a lot of advice on the routes I've taken. 1) Angelist job posting 2) Go on a project-by-project basis. Instead of rushing into a co-founder relationship, work on a series of projects over a 3-month period to see how you work together, disagree, and see how well they follow through with their commitments to your company. That way, the worst thing that happens is someone leaves after the project, and you continue searching. But you didn't lose equity and can move on quickly, with work completed.

Question 2:

Q) What has been your biggest lesson learned? What do you wish you had done more of in the beginning, but are doing now?

A)   Biggest lesson learned - when communicating with customers, investors, or your team, you're always telling a story. And the way you tell that story has to articulate the most important information for that target audience but also draw them in. Being an effective storyteller led to The Mentor Method winning $5K Audience Impact Award at Seed Spot's Demo Day back in July.

I wouldn't change my approach to starting The Mentor Method. I'm grateful that I had taken entrepreneurship classes before I had the idea to create my own business. I started (and still practice) a lean methodology to test as many hypotheses as I could! If I had to change one thing, I wish I had a bigger support system when starting the company. It can be tough, but thankfully I found great fellow founders to talk about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Question 3:

Q) What is the most unexpected thing that you've learned about yourself throughout your entrepreneurial journey?

A) My resilience, grit, and passion for changing the way we treat diversity and inclusion in tech are stronger than I realized. Just when I think I may have hit a wall, I get another mental push that takes me a step further. It's exciting to experience, and something I didn't tap into when working a 9-5 corporate job.

Question 4:

Q) Hi Janice, what industries or technology do you have on your radar right now?

A) We're focused on tech and tech-enabled companies. As an early-stage startup, I'm strategic in where I focus our attention, dominate that space, and expand into other areas. We're in the diversity and inclusion market and sell to tech companies to help them meet, engage, and keep diverse top talent while not losing sight of their top performers.


Thank you for the questions and attending this AMA session! If you have additional questions or want to partner with The Mentor Method, please send me a message:


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