6 Incredible Blogs That Will Encourage Entrepreneur Inspiration



Are you in the thick of a new business venture? Or just starting the planning process? No matter what stage you're in, support and resources are important factors for success.

That's why finding the right type of entrepreneur inspiration is so important.

And finding inspiration that is strictly for girl bosses everywhere is ideal. Where do you find the best online resources geared towards women by women?

We'll take the guesswork out of it for you. Let's look at 6 incredible blogs that will encourage entrepreneurs inspiration in us all.

1. Classy Career Girl

As entrepreneurs, we all know time is money. So, this blog is ideal for those of us who need a one-stop shop for all things business related.

From advice on the best commute route to learning the proper business card etiquette, this blog has something for everyone.

Plus, there's an online boot camp available. You can learn about topics such as side hustles, networking, and time management.

2. Purse Strings

Every girl boss knows to be a successful entrepreneur; you also need to be a master of your finances. That's precisely what Purse Strings will help you achieve.

You'll find a Money & Lifestyle Guide with topics such as budgeting and the power of a paycheck. There's are articles in the Money Diaries section in which you can see how other women share their financial snapshot for a week.

And if you have questions of your own, there's an Ask An Expert section as well.

3. She Owns It

Whether you have already leaped into entrepreneurship or not, this blog is sure to inspire you with its can-do attitude. They believe in "celebrating, supporting, and connecting women entrepreneurs."

They discuss topics such as tech innovations for business, advice on how to reach your goals, and how-to guides from some of the top women leaders in business.

There's also a list of upcoming conferences. For those who want to get out, learn, network, and meet other fellow entrepreneurs.

4. Female Entrepreneur Association

This blog is full of info for girl bosses of all types. Like actionable how-to guides such as how to manage your social media in 3 easy steps. Or podcasts and videos interviewing successful women entrepreneurs. It's a must-see site for business owners.

Plus, they have a How She Did It series. Set to inspire by telling the success stories of hundreds of women from all over the world.

5. Leaders in Heels

Their manifesto includes "we are passionate, creative, innovative, confident, determined, and kind." This blog speaks to all women entrepreneurs out there.

They offer career lessons such as developing your confidence and 7 ways to have the most productive hour ever. There's also feature interviews with other girl bosses from different industries around the world.

And for those who enjoy advice on all areas of life, they have an After Hours section. This website provides lifestyle articles on topics such as parenting, relationships, and personal finance.

6. Women@Forbes

Forbes is a publication, as both a magazine and online website, synonymous with American business. And Women@Forbes is a section dedicated to showcasing women business leaders.

You can learn about the routines of business leaders in the Day in The Life series. There's also a Self-Made Women section that shares stories of those who has found success in their industry. Or browse through their large selection of informative articles, covering business topics of all types.

These Blogs Will Provide Entrepreneur Inspiration for Everyone

When looking for entrepreneur inspiration for women, there's no better place to find it than in blogs written by women for women. And these blogs are an excellent source of information and support for all girl bosses alike.

Are you looking for inspiration in managing your finances as an entrepreneur? Click here to learn 5 tips to keep you on track!

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