5 Reasons You Still Need Entrepreneur Business Cards in 2019


The world of business needs to have constant evolution. Technology has changed the face of business hundreds of times over in a few years.

Most modes of communication are out of date. What about entrepreneur business cards? 

They may seem pointless, but they have a lot more uses. Here are a few tips a savvy business owner will need to keep in mind.

The Need for Entrepreneur Business Cards

Business cards haven't changed in decades. Despite this, they remain an essential part of business interaction. 

Having a personal mark such as a business card can give you a good edge. 

1. Keeping it Easy

Technology has improved many aspects of our life. Communication is easier than it has ever been. 

It still isn't perfect. 

Handing someone a business card is quick and easy. Bypassing that awkward moment of fiddling with smartphones and typing in numbers can improve a business meeting. 

2. A Sense of Legitimacy 

Gaining a sense of legitimacy in business is vital. People want to work with legitimate businesses. 

A business card is much more than a source of contact information. A business card holds your personal brand.

Business cards also are a sign of how much work you want to put into first impressions. A card that has effort put into it will showcase someone who puts effort into their work.

3. Stands Out 

The point of any business meeting is to improve your relations with others. With so many people focusing on digital communication, a business card stands out.

If an investor meets with a dozen people, but only you have a business card to hand out, that is an edge. They will remember you.

4. Holding Weight for Tradition

For international business, the idea of business cards can be more expected.

In both Hong Kong and Japan, they expect you to present a business card. As well, the quality of this business card is often how others may judge your business overall.

Seeing as both Japan and Hong Kong remain a massive part of the international market, you cannot ignore this effect. If you ignore the importance of business cards, you will lose this large section of the market.

5. The Impact of Face to Face Contact

The biggest impact a business card is the interaction that stems from it.

You can get someone's contact information and never see their face. Even if you get it during a meeting, phone numbers and emails are impersonal by themselves.

A business card and the act of handing one over gives a personal flair - the aesthetics of the card show off a personal brand. Unique markings can tell people about what your business values at a glance.

One last thing to consider, if someone hands you a business card and you do not, that can break a feeling of connection you have worked to build. 

The Tools of the Trade

Being successful in business requires using all the tools at your disposal. Business cards are a simple tool that can go a long way.

Entrepreneur business cards are one tool that you can use to get ahead in business?

We at S3 Angels can show you all you need to know to drive your business further. Would you like to know more?

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