5 Empowering Conferences for Women in Tech

Are you a woman who works in tech or want to pursue a career in a STEM field? Wish you knew how to meet other passionate, like-minded women in your field, and grow your career? Well, technology conferences are a great way to network, learn more about your industry, and be inspired by other women killing it in your field.

4 Empowering Technology Conferences for Women

Want to go to a tech conference, but not sure which one or what options are even available? In this article, we’re covering 4 amazing women in tech events you should check out. So, you can learn from female entrepreneurs, connect with industry experts, and grow professionally.

Women in Tech Summit

The Women in Tech Summit (WITS) is one of the premier conferences for women working in technology fields. The conference covers a wide range of tech areas, including cybersecurity, project management, software, and even human resources. It’s also held across a variety of states, which makes it accessible for many women to attend.

WITS provides attendees with the chance to hear about new technology trends, learn new skills through hands-on workshops, and connect with other women working in tech. It can also help connect you with potential employers and investors

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Hosted by the Anita Born Institute, this conference is one of the biggest gatherings of female technologists in the entire world. The conference celebrates the achievements women have made in tech while providing them with opportunities for collaboration and professional development. Like WITS, there are also recruiters from a wide range of companies, if you’re looking for a new role.

The location and speakers for this event changes with each year. Previously, speakers included professors of technology from universities like Harvard and Carnegie Mellon.

Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference

The next great conference on this list is the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference, an event for women in tech of every race, industry, and level. Held in June 2019 in San Francisco, this conference features women from many backgrounds, from Pixar Animation Studios to the Director of Product Creative Strategy at Netflix.

Beyond speakers, this conference has a variety of events. There are speed informational interviews, design thinking sessions, and networking mixers so you can chat with female leaders from a range of tech sectors.

Global Tech Women Voices Global Conference

With this conference, participants gather virtually and in-person across the globe to discuss the contributions of women in tech. Attendees participate in technical discussions and are able to network with women across the world. And what’s better is that this conference is streamed and recorded, so you can easily access it if you’re unable to attend.

This conference also focuses on finding solutions for the gender gap within technology, and the ways in which women of all ages, races, and backgrounds can be encouraged to participate.

Ready to Get Inspired?

With new technology conferences popping up every year, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t attend one. Not only will you learn new skills and hear from motivational leaders from your industry, but you’ll also be able to make valuable long-lasting connections.

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