4 Industries with Rising Rates of Working Women



Conversations about the gender wage gap have allowed us to start talking about the gender wealth gap.

While women are starting to catch up with men due to better hiring practices and anti-harassment policies, we won't see the difference for a generation. However, it's no less inspiring to see working women taking up space from the mailroom to the boardroom in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Here are four industries where you're going to see more women in the coming years.

1. Software

In general, the software has been seeing a rapid pace of growth for decades with no end in sight. For every technological leap in devices created, there is a nearly infinite number of apps and potential software products to go along with it.

With wages that average in the six-figure range, women are now seeing a bump in the tech world. While women have long been a major foundational part of the tech industry, most people think of the industry as male-dominated. With the rise of an inclusionary hiring bend for most start-ups, women are being encouraged to take their place in tech.

2. Online Publishing

Another area where women are succeeding is in internet-based communications and broadcast industries. For years, women have formed the backbone of the magazine, television, and advertising sectors. Now women are beginning to seeing a sharp increase as they take up more of the Editor-in-Chief positions at news stations and reporting agencies across the web.

3. IT Consulting

Given that women are experiencing a rise in the ranks of software companies, it's no surprise to see more women working in IT consulting.

As more companies see the value of moving their data to the cloud, they're clamoring for more staff. This is making room for more highly skilled women to start taking up positions in the IT world.

Between the number of data analytics specialists and digital asset managers needed by just about every firm, this is a great avenue for tech-savvy women. No longer should these high paying positions be dominated only by men.

4. Real Estate

If you look across the profiles of all of the major companies in real estate brokerage, lending, and mortgage services, you'll find more women than ever. Real estate is another field that pays well and always has room for more staff.

Female representation at the executive level of real estate loans and collateralized debt institutions is set to rise higher in the coming years.

Working Women Keep The Market Moving

The increase of working women in top-level positions only means good things for the economy. As more women take up more powerful positions, they're more likely to be gender-blind during hiring. Policies will get more friendly to working parents, and we'll see an overall positive shift in the workplace.

For more information on the ways that companies are trying to explore diversity, check out our recent coverage.

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