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    Venture Network Partners

    Mobilizing a Network to Fund the Future

    We are looking for investors like you to join our growing network of partners. We build relationships with top venture firms and angel groups to empower problem solvers from all walks of life. Our Venture Network Partners collaborate with Score 3 to help unlock opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs. 

    As a Venture Network Partner, you would work with the Score 3 Team to receive a diverse set of deal-flow that matches your investing preferences. You will also have the opportunity to work with a highly qualified, Score 3 Venture Fellow to assist with the investment process from sourcing to due diligence. Together we can provide opportunities to accelerate the progression of diverse, aspiring venture professionals. 

    If you are interested in joining our efforts to unlock opportunity in the venture industry and develop the next generation of venture capital professionals please email Marinna Kus: mk@score.org


    Current Venture Network Partners


    Citrine Angels

    “We support the growth and success of female-founded businesses in the Washington DC metro area and increase access to investment opportunities for women”

    November 2019

    Venture Fellow: Makda Kassahun


    Urban Us
    "City sectors like transportation, real estate and energy are central to decarbonization and resilience. Urban Us invests in startups using tech to make higher density city life more appealing."

    December 2019


    New Dominion Angels

    New Dominion Angels 

    "New Dominion is a group of like-minded accredited investors that enjoys the camaraderie and benefits of group angel investing. Members are entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders and professionals from a variety of fields who have built and lead exceptional companies and organizations."

    Venture Fellow: Amani Phipps

    Halcyon House

    "Halcyon is a new kind of nonprofit organization. We lift up innovators and creators who seek to make the world a better place, giving them the tools and opportunities they need to bring their ideas to life"




    "We're a team of founders and investors, builders and operators. We believe unicorns can be found where masses aren't looking. Because talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. Equalization of the fundraising landscape will provide more talent with the chance to build companies and create more investment opportunities for investors."

    Venture Fellow: Persiana Saffari


    Hustle Fund

    Hustle Fund

    "We were founders before we sold out and became VCs. So we know just how amazing and terrible startup life is. Our team brings real talk and real advice to our founder relationships." 

    Venture Fellow: Jasmin Johnson

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    S3 Angels: Portfolio

    Company: Mars Reel
    Founder(s): Brandon Deyo and Bradley Deyo
    Headquarters: Las Angeles, CA
    Website: http://marsreel.co


    Company: Foodhini
    Founder(s): Noobstaa Philip Vang
    Headquarters: Washington D.C.




    Company: Jrink
    Founder(s): Shizu Okusa and Jennifer Ngai
    Headquarters: Washington D.C.
    Website: https://jrink.com






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